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The good news is: You have options!

Many things in our lives are changeable. Our job, skills, weight, fitness, education, housing, relationships and relationship status are mostly flexible!  It may not be flexible in this very minute, but we can do things to work towards changing them. One of my friends recently said, "I think I'm insecure about..." My first thought was "You just have to make peace with it." But then I said, "Actually, I have good news. You have 3 options... You can make peace with it, in it's current situation; You can not make peace with it, and keep the current situation(which is where she currently was); Or you can change it. That really is good news." I may be oversimplifying it, but it's like lipstick.That felt so freeing, even for me to say!! We have options. Whether it's a bad work environment, a negative attitude, your friend group, a relationship that no longer serves you, underdeveloped social skills, or a belly... we have options!!!! 

I noticed a change in how my body is holding it's weight, and I was NOT a fan of what was happening to my growing waistline! I had been noticing it over the past year, but this summer, my clothes just fit a little differently. That's something any size can relate to: we all want to be able to fit our clothes, unless we're losing inches. It wasn't until I saw a picture of myself from my friend's birthday party that I SAW MYSELF. Like really saw myself. And that was what it took. I had not and had no intentions of making peace with my "fat" gain, I was already up one size, and was on my way to being up another size. There was good news available to me. I could do something to change this, and that picture is what it took. That week, I joined a spin gym in Oak Park, and changed my diet. Making a change in any area of our life, requires follow through and commitment. It's not just enough for us to desire change, but we have to continually make decisions that are in alignment with that change. It can be hard.  Accept myself and love myself, understanding that no matter what-God's got me and loves me.Think of it this way... how terrible do we feel when there are facts about our lives that we are bothered by and aren't changing. That's the worse. Wishing our lives were something other than they are. They are what they are right now, and that's that. But to be unsettled, unresolved, and ashamed, does not serve us. And walking around feeling shame, is heavy! We'll end up trying to overcompensate, being secretive, or even defensive.

Let's leave shame behind us. 

1) Reflect on areas of your life that are frustrating, and identify what things are within and outside of your control. 

2) Is it something you need to make peace with, because it can't change, or it will take a while to change? 

3) If you do desire change, start with doing one thing differently, then another, then another. 

4) How I make peace- Understand that I am COMPLETELY loved by God, and that His desire is to prosper me in every area of my life, regardless of what current circumstances may look like . He's given me access to His wisdom, so I don't have to be out here struck. I have more good news! God isn't thrown off or surprised by any part of our lives, He's already made a way for us to keep moving forward, in victory, to accomplish His plan for our lives. We always have more options that we think we do!


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