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Individual Therapy

Sometimes life goes according to plan, and sometimes it doesn't.

In therapy you can focus on making peace with the past and better choices for the future. Individual therapy can be used to promote growth and healing in a safe, judgement-free zone. Therapy can help in understanding and expressing emotions, coping with life's stressors, working through past issues, and building towards a better tomorrow. 

Meeting with a therapist takes courage.

Do you ever feel like life has to offer more than this?

Like somewhere things went wrong, and you're not sure how to fix things?

Do you have a reality that you would like to distract yourself from? 

Do you want more from life, yourself and your relationships?

Do you feel like emotional wounds have left you "damaged"?

Individual Therapy may be helpful if you want to work on:

  • Addiction

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Balance (work/life)

  • Communication

  • Dating/Relationships

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Grief and Loss

  • Healing from break-up/divorce

  • Identity

  • Past Trauma 

  • Personal Development

  • Self-Esteem

First steps? Schedule an Appointment or Request a Phone Consultation

We are in network with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois PPO plans and accept private pay.

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